Children's Giving Garden

The Children's Giving Garden grows produce
that is donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Blaine.

A new opportunity arose for garden funding from the Whatcom Foundation, called “Project Neighborly Grants”. Their goal is to build community and neighborliness through event funding. They awarded our Children’s Giving Garden a $2,000 grant for 2017.

Our grant proposal was to bring the community into the planning and execution of the garden for 2017!  We decided on an Ice Cream Social for the type of event which will be for a 2-3 hour duration…..the word “Social” supports the cause and what a fun way to bring the community into our church and celebrate together as a congregation. This will be an opportunity to create many new relationships, build church awareness within the community, as well as meet the 2017 garden goals of improving harvest, decreasing maintenance, and beautifying the space! All good stuff!

If you would like to work with us to develop this event, and/or offer a hand at the event please contact myself at or Cell: 360-220-1008, or Mary Rebman, with any questions or comments you may have! 

Thank you!